Pulp City Inn

Windsor-based alternative rock quartet Pulp City Inn continues to be a force in the Canadian music scene. Justin Zuccato, Darryl Festa, Brandon Zuccato, and Brandon Lefrancois deliver a high energy, guitar driven performance with magnetic audience appeal.

Their resounding drive to progress as songwriters and put on a great live rock show has proven to be the backdrop for their continued success. Pulp City Inn never fails to leave a lasting impression as a live band, receiving comments from numerous industry professionals: "What a powerhouse of sound", "The vocals have intensity", "The lead singer totally delivers", "The energy really travels through the building."

Justin credits their early successes to an innate sixth sense. "We are four guys who learned how to play music together, share common musical values, dedication, communication and a strong sense of direction." Justin adds, "We are a tight unit and our strength will be our longevity." Even though young, this group has been honoured to share the stage with high profile bands such as 'Default', 'Theory of a Deadman', 'Hail the Villain', 'Inward Eye' and 'My Darkest Days.' "We appreciate bands that are great live." says Justin. "We take great pride in giving every show 110% and making sure everybody in the room is on their feet and having a good time. Isn't that what it's all about?"

Released to a sold out Windsor crowd at the beginning of 2012, the band's debut EP 'Welcome to Pulp City Inn', features four distinctly dynamic, hard rock tracks. Success has shown itself again with the single "My Surrender" receiving regular airplay on local rock radio stations. A true representation of their sound and attitude, 'Welcome to Pulp City Inn' is a strong front for the band going forward in their career.